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KJI Plumbing Inc., we maintain and protect your valuable property

KJI Plumbing Inc. has been around for 35 years and is a family operated business. From new construction to plumbing repair services you will be satisfied with KJI Plumbing.

You will be served by a skilled, journeyman plumber that can make decisions on site so that you’re not down long. We specialize in keeping your business operating, your job on schedule and your property management free of plumbing problems.

If it’s your home we’ve got you covered too.

Benefits of using KJI Plumbing Inc.

  • Quick response
  • Our service department has a dedicated operator to make sure you’re scheduled
  • We employ journeymen plumbers
  • Our journeymen are highly experienced so they make decisions on the spot
  • Our high level of experience will keep you on schedule, no rookies
  • Deep level of commercial and residential experience in both new construction and service

Our plumbing repair service division is available 24/7 for you and your business

  • Free estimates always!
  • Clogged drains 
  • Changing out an appliance 
  • Quarterly hydro jetting 
  • Quick, thorough and clean
  • Septic service
  • New construction

 We’ve been keeping commerce and residences running for over 30 years

Our New Construction experience is vast

KJ I plumbing Inc. has many new construction projects underway currently.  We have been doing new construction for almost 30 years so our list of clients and project experience is vast. 


Hi tech industrial, defense, medical, hospital, hotels, retail and commercial is just a partial list of our past and current projects.


At KJI Plumbing Inc. we employ med gas certified technicians so we are very comfortable and qualified to be in medical and hospital construction.


Due to our close proximity to Edwards Air Force Base we spend a lot of time on defense facilities, quite a few of our staff have been thoroughly vetted and have security clearance.


Go to our new construction page to see a more detailed list of projects that we are currently working on and have completed.KJI


Plumbing Inc new construction page

Skilled and certified specialists

  • Water Conservation
  • Backflow testing, repair and installation
  • Medical Gas
  • Septic and Sewer Systems

We honor our active military, veterans and seniors with 10% discount

Your service to our community is very important to us, we honor and thank you.

We also offer first time customers a 10% discount on your first call.


"He diagnosed a slight clog and removed it. He installed the toilet and cleaned up. He was friendly, prompt, professional, and honest. He stayed within the price that was quoted to me over the phone. I will use KJI again!"

-Challen D.



About Us

KJI Plumbing, Palmdale, CA and a little bit about us

KJI plumbing is family owned and operated, we are locals and we’ve been in the plumbing industry for over 30 years.

Because of your support we have been continually expanding for most of those 30 years, the most exciting thing has been that we have had to diversify in order to meet your needs over the years.

Keeping up with Antelope Valley growth

Throughout the years our area has experienced significant growth. Our services have had to develop accordingly to keep up with that growth. Our skills have had to increase as well.

Early on we knew we had to make a commitment; stick with it and excel. So we did. Our most experienced plumbers and technicians have been with us most of that time developing and learning with us.

Our service division has been “on top of it” from day one helping the Antelope Valley’s commercial and residential residents cope with septic systems, restaurant and hotel plumbing and maintenance, main line maintenance and new installations.

We are available 24/7 for your emergencies at your home or business and have built into our website an on-line scheduling feature.

New construction fuels growth

KJI’s New Construction Division covers commercial, industrial and residential properties, we have had a hand in a lot of the AV’s commercial and industrial properties.

Areas include;

  • Major Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Medical Buildings
  • Retail Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Military Installations

Keeping up with our industry

Every project we do is staffed by Journeyman Plumbers and Skilled Technicians who have the certified skills to make sure you are compliant with codes and requirements. Here are the more significant certifications and specializations we hold:

Certified Backflow Specialists
Certified Medical Gas Specialists
Septic Systems
Fire and Domestic Water

We own our own heavy equipment

KJI Plumbing owns all of their equipment and that’s a benefit to you. We don’t have to pay rental costs then pass them on to you and we have equipment ready to go when needed. This includes our own backhoes, dump trucks, hydro jetting and snaking equipment, pumpers and other things needed to get the job done. We also stock our shop with an impressive array of parts and plumbing supplies.

Family Owned and Operated

KJI Plumbing, Inc. is a family-owned, locally operated business with more than 30 years experience in the plumbing industry. Our company continues to expand and diversify to meet the challenges and keep up with the demands of the Antelope Valley’s increased growth and development. This commitment encompasses not only the greater Antelope Valley area, but extends throughout Southern California. Our company’s “New Construction Division” covers commercial, industrial and residential properties, including major hotels, restaurants, medical buildings, retail buildings and custom homes. Our "Service and Repair Division" is available 24/7, and our certified technicians are ready to respond to any plumbing emergency at your home or business. 

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